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  • Material: Bronze Venise
  • -30%
  • -30%

Bird Crystal Necklace

Necklace in the shape of a folded bird's wing, entirely set with crystals from the Swarovski house. Delivered with...
€66.50 €95.00
ring pendant
  • -15%
  • -15%

White Pearl Moon

Splendid round pendant recalling the full moon, with inlaying of two pearls of mother-of-pearls and of a crystal star...
€52.42 €61.67
pearl and crystal pendant
  • -15%
  • -15%

Pearl Crystal pendant

Long pendant with a mother-of-pearl pearl mounted on a stem inscribed with Swarovski crystals. Delivered with its...
€53.13 €62.50

Collier crystals...

Angel necklace. Beautiful very modern necklace in the shape of an angel with crystal wings from Swarovski.

Crystal Charmed Neck

Charms necklace in a very trendy bohemian style, with different motifs set with Swarovski crystals hanging on the chain.

Night Butterfly...

Beautiful butterfly necklace entirely set with Swarovski crystals. A beautifully crafted piece that shines with a...