The charm and originality of these costume jewellery are made to seduce you! Don't miss this new 100% French creation, available on our website and very fashionable! Necklaces, earrings, bracelets or foot jewellery, silicone gum jewellery is made from a material called silica, a natural material combining coal, sand and siloxane, it is the same material that is also used for thicker kitchen moulds. Very malleable and easy to work with, the silicone gum is then cut by laser, and depending on the models, we obtain the creation of different forms of very refined jewellery. Silicone gum jewellery does not cause any form of skin allergies and is very soft to the touch. 

They are gently applied to the skin and reveal a particularly striking tattoo effect. They are irresistibly eye-catching with their baroque shapes and dark colours. It is very easy to associate them with a bohemian, glamorous, rock or romantic look. You can wear them at the beach or pool without hesitation because they are perfectly resistant to water or heat. You can also combine them with your evening outfit, these gum jewels go wonderfully well with a pretty little black dress. A spectacular effect is guaranteed, especially if you add small Swarovski® crystals to the necklace, as we propose on our website for this Lady Gum collection. 

Lady Gum creations are refined and feminine to perfection, and it is difficult to resist pretty pieces with evocative names such as « Arabesque », « Hibiscus », « Tiaré » ou « Primavera ». Necklaces, foot jewellery, bracelets and earrings are soft, pleasant and easy to wear. And the prices are really attractive. View Lady Gum Collection