The crystals and stones come from our planet Earth. They are created during a long process lasting several thousand years, inside the magma and from the inner core, they are real gifts from Mother Nature. 

Because of their natural origins from the depths of the earth, crystals, gems and other stones are often considered to contain a powerful energy field. Each stone is composed of tiny crystals that are in constant motion and emit an energy frequency that influences our emotions. Here are the four main stones that we should all have on ourselves to feel their beneficial properties: 


The amethyst, the artist's stone: stress reduction, clarity of thought, grief relief, protection, wisdom 

The Quartz Crystal, the perfect stone for fragile people: protection, healing, harmony, energy, clarity, tranquility 

Turquoise, the stone of heaven: protection, wisdom, positive thoughts, balance, courage, friendship, healing, luck, love 

Citrine, the merchant's stone, attracts money and wealth: prosperity, courage, confidence, strength, warmth, happiness, creativity, joie de vivre, protection, self-esteem, opens the mind to new thoughts, optimism 

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