How to differentiate a crystal from a piece of glass and how to check the quality of the crystal? Here are some explanations that will help you to see things more clearly. . . . and learn more. Crystal is of absolute clarity, its manufacture requires a much more elaborate technique than that used for glass. It is the result of an alchemical operation in which the mixture of potash, silica and lead, brought to a melting temperature of 1450°C for 36 hours, seems to be lost in the fire to be reborn like a phoenix. 

Unlike glass, crystal contains lead oxide, 30% for its superior qualities, allowing greater clarity and refraction of light, which gives it an incomparable shine, easy to observe with the naked eye. Do the test yourself, in contact with a ray of sunlight, the crystal will break down the spectrum of light like a rainbow, unlike glass, which will remain greyish. 

It is also easy to work with and makes it possible to produce crystals with original, complex and fine shapes, which once polished, increase their refractions to light. 

Swarovski® zirconia or Swarovski® Element stone stands the test of time, styles that pass and turns out to be the perfect combination of an outfit for all women. These are exceptional artificial gemstones thanks to the cutting precision of high quality lead crystals, containing quartz, sand and minerals. Swarovski crystals are the product of a very special manufacturing process, allowing them to obtain a spectral brilliance.

Manufactured to be perfectly matched to its quality, colour, dimensions and shape, Swarovski crystal has a unique feature that captures the materials it is made of, adding a new dimension of sparkling. A distinctive and unique laser engraving marks each luxury stone, ensuring that the zirconia accents will always remain the brightest. A commitment independent of Swarovski for its enduring ethics to the highest standards of excellence since 1895. 

The use of the special Zirconia from Swarovski seal is a strong symbol for identifying Swarovski products. All these products carry the unique seal, symbol of authenticity and a guarantee of exceptional quality, guaranteeing you the purchase of the best quality Zirconium. See how the seal works

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